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How to decorate a north facing room

Unlocking the Charm: Mastering the Decor of North-Facing Rooms

North-facing rooms often unfairly earn a reputation for being dim and gloomy, but we are here to debunk that myth. The lack of natural light doesn’t condemn your space to coldness; instead, it’s an opportunity to get creative. Whether you’re drawn to darker shades or opting for a palette of warm tones, there’s a world of possibilities waiting to transform your north-facing room.



Farrow and Ball Inchyra Blue No.289 in Estate Emulsion and Full Gloss

Colour Selection for North-Facing Rooms:

Choosing colours wisely is the secret to conquering the interior of a north-facing room. Since northern light tends to cast cool hues, your paint selection becomes vital. A grey paint in a north-facing room might take on subtle purple or blue undertones whereas in south-facing rooms the warmer tones come through. It’s all about understanding the effect of light.

For the best results, consider embracing the room’s natural darkness. Balancing the natural cool tones with warm, inviting colours can create a soothing atmosphere. Alternatively, dare to go bold with deep tones to accentuate the room’s charm.



293EEM 300EEM 64EEG

Farrow and Ball Jitney No.293, Stirabout No.300, Fruit Fool No.9911

Strategic Lighting:

In the absence of abundant natural light, thoughtful lighting becomes a game-changer. From ceiling fixtures to wall lights and carefully placed lamps, it’s essential to create a multi-layered lighting scheme. Steer clear of harsh overhead spotlights, as they can create a sterile ambience that’s particularly unwelcome in a room longing for light.



300EEM 303EEM new new

Farrow and Ball Templeton Pink No.3303

Artful Accessories:

Mirrors play a crucial role in maximizing available light. Strategically placing mirrors where natural light hits can effectively bounce it around the room. Opt for glass or brass accessories to achieve a similar effect. If gloss paint is your preference, consider painting certain features with a glossy finish to enhance light reflection and add a touch of sophistication.

In summary, transforming a north-facing room is not about overcoming its light challenges but embracing its characteristics. By playing with a palette of colours, strategically incorporating lighting, and thoughtfully arranging accessories, you can effortlessly create a cosy and welcoming aesthetic. If you’re eager to bring out the best in your space, contact us today. Let’s collaborate to illuminate your home intelligently and let your north-facing room flourish.