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Flooring: Choosing the Foundation of Your Home’s Style and Functionality

Your choice of flooring sets the stage for your entire interior, impacting both the aesthetics and practicality of each room. From the cosy warmth of a carpeted living room to the sleek elegance of natural stone in a modern kitchen, the right flooring can improve your space in countless ways. Itâ...

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8th May, 2024

Unleash Your rooms potential: Elevating Interior Design Beyond Walls

During the process of re-decorating, the spotlight often falls on the walls of the room, leaving the ceiling in the shadows, untouched. We've all been there: hours are spent contemplating wall colours while leaving the ceiling untouched, other than a re-coat of trusty white. We think this norm needs...

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27th March, 2024

Designing your dream home: A guide to a stress free process

Are you feeling both excited and overwhelmed at the prospect of embarking on a new renovation project? Or perhaps you're eager to update your home but unsure of where to even begin. Fear not, because we understand the mix of emotions that can accompany such endeavours, and we're here to help! Whe...

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18th March, 2024

How much does it cost to renovate

Whether you're contemplating the purchase of a house for renovation or aiming to enhance your current home, in this editorial we have tried to help you navigate potential costs, accompanied by helpful budgeting tips. If you're looking to increase your property's value, create additional space, or si...

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4th March, 2024

How to decorate a north facing room

Unlocking the Charm: Mastering the Decor of North-Facing Rooms North-facing rooms often unfairly earn a reputation for being dim and gloomy, but we are here to debunk that myth. The lack of natural light doesn't condemn your space to coldness; instead, it's an opportunity to get creative. Whether...

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28th February, 2024

Transforming your home on a budget

Expert interior design tips for a post-Christmas refresh   The post-Christmas period often leaves us with uninspiring, dimly lit spaces, void of the festive cheer that recently filled our homes. As the decorations come down, a sense of emptiness seeps in, urging us to seek a fresher inter...

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30th January, 2024

Interior design trends to watch for in 2024

Before we embark on this style journey, we want to emphasise that we don’t suggest a complete overhaul of your space. Think of this roundup as a curated exploration of trends to draw inspiration for your future projects.    Earthy Elegance Jitney No.293, Farrow and Ball For a cal...

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2nd January, 2024

Deck the halls and set the table for a Christmas feast!

When it comes to Christmas table settings, unleash your inner maximalist! Break free from the norms and embrace extravagance—Christmas is the perfect time for it. In our latest blog post, we explore three stylish examples that encourage a bold approach to decoration. If you find something you l...

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11th December, 2023

What is a 3D visual and why do you need one?

We understand that one of the most challenging aspects of renovating your home is trying to imagine what it would or could look like. You want to make sure the final result will be exactly what you want, and this is where 3D visualization comes in. 3D visualization is something that’s relativel...

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21st June, 2023

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