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What is a 3D visual and why do you need one?

We understand that one of the most challenging aspects of renovating your home is trying to imagine what it would or could look like. You want to make sure the final result will be exactly what you want, and this is where 3D visualization comes in. 3D visualization is something that’s relativel...

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21st June, 2023

How to put together a cohesive scheme for your home

Having decided to undertake a renovation, uplift or improve your home, knowing where to start to can be a little daunting. Some people who come to us, will pin hundreds of pictures on a Pinterest board and then lose sight of the direction that they originally wanted to go in. The foundation fo...

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22nd May, 2023

4 essential interior design books every home should have

With the ability to access thousands of designs, inspiration and shops at the click of a button, it can be easy to get lost among the endless possibilities. The best interior design books, on the other hand, offer readers a portal to a refined and hand-picked selection of inspiration, advice and ima...

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12th April, 2023

Trends to ‘quietly quit’

As trends come and go, there are some which we will be quietly quitting this year! However, if a particular design trend works for you and makes your house a home, stay true to your style. As we move away from fast fashion, we suggest creating spaces that reflect our way of living and the things ...

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19th March, 2023

See the light – Make sure your lighting compliments your interior design

Starting from scratch on a new build or renovation can be scary. With so much to think about, lighting can easily get overlooked. Yet it’s vital as it controls the look, feel and atmosphere of your space. Not only this, but lighting can also play a part in the ease or frustration of your day-to-da...

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22nd February, 2023

Interior colour trends 2023

As we enter a new year it’s exciting to look at the colour forecasts and predict what we may see emerging throughout the year. Colour is one of the most effective, affordable and quickest ways to express yourself. The most significant trends we have identified are reminiscent of nourishing suns...

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6th January, 2023