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Unleash Your rooms potential: Elevating Interior Design Beyond Walls

During the process of re-decorating, the spotlight often falls on the walls of the room, leaving the ceiling in the shadows, untouched. We’ve all been there: hours are spent contemplating wall colours while leaving the ceiling untouched, other than a re-coat of trusty white. We think this norm needs to be challenged, and the ceiling viewed as a canvas brimming with untapped creative potential—a crucial element that should not be underestimated when creating a cohesive space.

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Farrow & Ball Vert De Terre No. 234 in Dead Flat

The conventional approach of painting the ceiling white, creates a stark contrast that accentuates the break between walls and ceiling, creating an illusion of reduced height. Surprisingly, if the goal is to amplify the feeling of more space, painting the ceiling the same hue as the walls can work wonders. This colour continuity eliminates any visual disruptions, resulting in an expansive feel. And with an appropriate colour choice spaces such as living rooms and bedrooms can still feel cosy.


ceiling has been painted to look like a circus tent using Farrow Balls Rectory Red and Paint and Paper Librarys Slate I

Farrow and Ball Rectory Red No. 217and Paint and Paper Library’s ‘Slate I’

For the adventurous wanting a bold scheme, the ceiling offers a myriad of opportunities for embellishment. Wallpaper is a favoured choice, injecting a burst of personality and visual intrigue. However, we would recommend considering the pattern carefully, avoiding those with strong vertical designs. Extending the wallpaper to both walls and ceiling can create a harmonious, immersive effect.


Walls in Farrow Balls ‘Light Blue Valspars ‘Platinum Sage and Paint Paper Librarys ‘Marble I frame a ceiling papered

Farrow and Ball Light Blue No.22, Valspar’s ‘Platinum Sage’ and Paint & Paper library’s ‘Marble I’

Alternatively, a more cautious approach would be to use subtle details to tie the entire design scheme together. Whether it’s a delicate line tracing the perimeter or an elegant moulding, these thoughtful touches contribute to a cohesive and polished aesthetic.

The ceiling holds the potential to redefine your living space. Embrace the challenge of elevating your interior beyond the walls, and see the profound difference a well-designed ceiling can make. Let your space tell a story from top to bottom.

Feeling inspired by the vast possibilities but unsure where to commence? Our design experts are here to help. Whether you lean towards the bold or prefer a more conservative approach, we can suggest a tailored scheme to suit your style and budget. Interior design doesn’t need to entail extensive renovations; even a modest refresh of paint colours can provide a transformative impact.