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Interior design trends to watch for in 2024

Before we embark on this style journey, we want to emphasise that we don’t suggest a complete overhaul of your space. Think of this roundup as a curated exploration of trends to draw inspiration for your future projects. 


Earthy Elegance

Screenshot 2023 12 05 154944

Jitney No.293, Farrow and Ball

For a calming, relaxed, and welcoming interior, earthy or nature-inspired tones are taking over. Tan, taupe, light pinks, and light greys are great options.

In previous years, everything was very grey, but now it’s much warmer. Beige and brown are on the up, along with muddy colours that have a calmness to them—think earthy colours with less vibrancy and more richness.

Farrow & Ball’s “Jitney,” reminiscent of a buttery taupe, emanates soulful charm. Soft dusty pinks are also making a notable appearance. Dulux have announced ‘Sweet Embrace’ as their colour of the year 2024. While being a beautiful standalone colour, it’s a hue that matches perfectly with many other shades.


Bouclé Is Here to Stay

212265 olivier

Oliver sofa, Soho Home

Bouclé remains a timeless choice, although evolving with thicker piles and diverse colour palettes. It’s a classic and always adds a beautiful texture to a room—you don’t want to do an entire room in bouclé, but we’ll never get tired of it on a feature sofa. Discover this trend by exploring the statement Oliver sofa in Boucle, available at @sohohome


Texture trumps gloss

Caravane 01

Old plaster pink, Bauwerkcolour

Plain white walls are still out of fashion, but bid farewell to high gloss walls. The trends are leaning towards textured finishes such as Roman clay, limewash, or hand-tooled plaster for a more tactile and artisanal feel. Dive into this earth-inspired approach and explore @bauwerkcolour. They manufacture paints by utilising a simple elemental cycle of earth, fire, water and air. Their paints work differently, as they are made with clay, minerals and beautiful natural pigments.



Screenshot 2024 01 02 155043

Ledbury pendant, Fritz Fryer

Chrome is not a new material in the home – it has a near-permanent presence in bathrooms and kitchens – but this resurgence sees chrome softened and curved into fluid and organic shapes.

Brass and matt black lighting has dominated the shops for a while but stainless steel, aluminium, chrome and nickel are back in a big way. Silver suddenly feels very modern again, especially where lighting is concerned.


Curves and edges 

Screenshot 2023 12 05 162412

Lisbon Dining Table, Heal’s

In recent years, curves have become a dominant force in design, gracing everything from furniture to sculptures. This trend shows no signs of fading; instead, we see this trend evolving into new forms within the home, such as archways, hallways and furniture. While softer lines and organic shapes within architecture are popular, we anticipate the emergence of more blocky, squared, traditional shapes in furniture.