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Deck the halls and set the table for a Christmas feast!

When it comes to Christmas table settings, unleash your inner maximalist! Break free from the norms and embrace extravagance—Christmas is the perfect time for it. In our latest blog post, we explore three stylish examples that encourage a bold approach to decoration.

If you find something you love, throw out the rule book and use it, regardless of scheme or even good taste! We’ve pulled together three examples and some ideas for a stylish Christmas table setting.


For those who prefer a more conventional approach


For an understated approach, opt for two colours and introduce the ‘wow’ factor with layering and delicate details. The combination of blues and golds, as seen here, radiates elegance. Embrace the art of layering- it’s the secret to a captivating tablescape. Dust off your placemats because they are having a moment; layering not only adds depth but also sparks interest in your Christmas table setting.


For the Maximalist

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Luke Edward Hall and Duncan Campbell’s table setting beautifully demonstrates how mixtures of colour, textures and patterns achieves a charming and cohesive look. During the festive season, indulge in your favourite colours, patterns and styles. Our one piece of advice: Limit your colour palette to three colours, varying the shades. This ensures that no matter what elements you introduce to the table, it stays concise and stylish.


For someone with a more classical taste Screenshot 2023 12 04 165805

Opt for rich greens and beautiful reds for a classically warm and nostalgic Christmas aesthetic. Experiment with different shades of red, greens, textures and patterns to create a layered look. Mix up the patterns and play around with bold table cloths. Layering this with understated plates ensures your table looks fabulous as guests move through each course.

Perfect for the nature enthusiast

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For a more natural setting inspired by the outdoors, use foliage, soft linens, and calming colours. Opt for earthy tones, muted greens and browns, complemented by rustic linens. Add a touch of woodland charm with leafy branches and pine cones.